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Data Extraction and Web Scraping APIs

We are experts in getting structured information from the web and we offer public APIs to instantly extract data in JSON format from popular websites such as, etc. All of our APIs come with a free plan which lets you test it before committing to a paid plan.

  • Search Engine Scraper APIs

    • Bing Scraper API: scrape search results, also known as search engine results pages (SERPS), from search engine using an API.
    • Google Scraper API: scrape search results, also known as search engine results pages (SERPS), from search engine using an API.
    • Yellowpages Scraper API: scrape search results from search engine using an API.
  • Jobs Scraper APIs

  • Scrape Store Locations API: This lets you scrape store locations of retailers and other businesses such as Walmart, Publix, Chick Fil A, Domino’s Pizza etc. using an API.

  • Craigslist Scraper API: Scrape real estate posts from craigslist using an API

You can hire us for our managed web scraping plan if the website domain you wish to scrape does not have a publicly available API.

Data APIs

We use big data tools to continuously crawl the Internet and aggregate useful domain level data described below.

  • News API: Access Specrom’s media monitoring and news database which covers latest news (less than 24h) over 20000 news sources and over a million journalists, bloggers and influencers.

  • Email Database API: Access Specrom’s email database of over 200 million email addresses

  • Domain Authority and Ranking: Specrom Domain Ranking and Authority API provides a numerical rank and a score from 0-100 for 66 million domains to quantify relative domain authority compared to other website domains.

Text Analytics APIs

We have a wide range of cloud based text analytics APIs which can used as a backend in your workflows to analyze data obtained by our web extraction and other Data APIs.

Social Listening

We have a full range of social listening tools that enable you to track keywords across news websites, blogs, forums, social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit and customer reviews on ecommerce and other platforms such as Yelp, Trustpilot, Amazon,, etc.

Also check out our free wordcloud generators:

Specrom Alerts for Social Listening and Media Monitoring

Specrom alerts lets you track keywords mentions over one million news outlets, blogs, forums and social media sites on a real time basis. Some examples of keywords are your name, brand, competitors, events, products or product categories.

You can set the frequency of alerts, and get a report sent directly to your inbox. There are also advanced filtering options to view only the keyword mentions that are most relevant to you and your business along with ability to set negative filters which can filter out websites if they are not relevant for you.

We have historical data going back till 2015 so you can not only spot the trends before they’re trending but also see how trends peak and fall.

Why are we better than Google alerts?

You may already be using Google alerts for your media monitoring; let us tell you why Specrom Alerts are better than plain Google Alerts

Specrom Alerts Google Alerts
Coverage Blogs, Forums, websites and social Blogs, Forums and websites
Filters Want international major outlets only? Your choice with easy filter options for types of result sources No option to filter result source
Language detection Y N
Wordcloud and advanced graphics Y N
Sentiment analysis Y N
Historical Data Till 2015 N
Daily reports Y N
Influencer analysis Y N

How Specrom Alerts helps businesses?

  • Compare your marketing efforts against the competition by tracking the best-performing keywords, trends and themes which can help you predict your competitors’ next moves.

  • Increase awareness about how audience is perceiving your business and discover brand influencer, bloggers, and reporters to help spread your message.

  • Get a high level overview of the competitive landscape so that you can flag opportunities and anticipate future threats to stay ahead of the competition.

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Managed Web Scraping

We offer fully managed web scraping service for all your use cases and needs. We run web crawlers which index over 100 TB a month of webpages and our sophisticated natural language processing algorithms extract structured information out of it for applications in price monitoring, lead generation, technology trends analysis, alternative financial analysis among numerous other use cases.

Data Analytics Consulting Services

Why you should hire us?

We offer full range of services in data science and analytics using state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. All our data scientists have M.S. and phD degrees from top American universities and have published in top journals and conferences. We are proud to have worked with wide range of clients, from small businesses to fortune 500 companies and US federal agencies. Contact us now for an no obligation free consulation with our expert data scientists.

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Evaluating off the shelf analytics products:

In last 3-4 years, there has been an explosion of cloud based machine learning powered APIs for image and text analysis (over 30 providers) as well as pretrained/default models such as apart from traditional desktop products such as KNIME, RapidMiner, SPSS etc.

All of these were trained on different types of datasets, and some may work quite well for your needs. Instead of letting your in-house team identify the best one by trial and error and spending both time and money, rely on our experience and let us help you find the best option quickly.

We can help you scope your requirements and based on your end use, we can quantitatively identify the best off the shelf products within your set budget. Even though we also sell text analytics APIs, in case our competitor APIs work better in your case than we will not hesitate to recommend it.

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Data Annotation and Model Development:

Publicly available text analytics and image recognition AI models are usually trained on corpuses such as wikipedia, news articles etc. and will have very high predictive ability only if that data is somewhat similar to what you use in your business area.

Quite frequently, documents from domain areas such as finance, law, healthcare and pharma industry perform poorly on pretrained models. This could be quickly fixed by hiring us to label/annotate a dataset representative of your use case. We will use it to custom models using state of the art approaches and integrate that with Specrom Text Analytics Platform.

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Data Analytics Integrations:

Advanced machine learning models are useless if not integrated tightly with your business’s existing workflow. We have worked on wide type of integrations such as:

  • Analyze any text data stored in columns in microsoft excel, libreoffice and google sheets.
  • Integrating with apps such as dropbox and slack through zapier so that whenever a team member of our client uploaded into a dropbox, it triggered our text analytics APIs and results were pushed to a dedicated slack channel.
  • Integrating our APIs into Elastic or within data processing pipelines in Knime.

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Education and Training

We offer training workshops of varying durations (10-100 hours instructions) in specific focus areas:

  • Machine Learning: Classification and regression (linear, logistic, support vector machine, random forest), deep learning (convolutional neural network (CNN/ConvNet), recurrent neural networks (simple RNNs, LSTMs), cluster analysis, feature engineering. Analyzing unstructured data using Natural-language processing (content and knowledge based recommender systems).

  • Statistical Methods: hypothesis testing (ANOVA, t-test) and confidence intervals, correlation (bivariate, partial, distances), time series, principal component analysis and dimensionality reduction.

  • Software toolkits: Python (scikit-learn, keras, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, scipy, NLTK, spaCy), R (shiny, knitr, ggplot2, tidyverse, caret), SQL (MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB), Apache Spark (MLLib), Apache Hadoop, Weka, Eclipse RCP/Java, KNIME.

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