Data & AI Models Marketplace

Our cloud based data extractors can convert any webpage into structured data (CSV) that is used for social listening, lead generation etc. We have pre-defined extractors for dozens of websites and you can order custom data extractors for any webpage.

We also offer pretrained and custom AI models that can be combined with any data modules to generate actionable insights and an end to end solution.

Social Listening and Media Monitoring

We crawl a large fraction of the Internet to power advanced alerts are used for social media monitoring, coverage analysis and brand reputation to gain actionable insights for digital marketing strategies and improving marketing effectiveness

Search & analyze the latest news articles from 100,000+ domains worldwide using our Specrom News API.

Ecommerce & Retail Store Monitoring Service

We scrape data from over 250 e-commerce stores & 1250 retail stores, including,, and, to provide price, reviews & physical store location data for near real-time monitoring. data feed

Specrom's JobScanner data feed aggregates job postings from over 150,000 domains including Indeed, Google, Monster, etc.

Reviews Monitoring Service

Our reviews monitoring service tracks customer feedback across 170 domains (such as,, etc), providing real-time insights into product performance, customer satisfaction, and emerging trends.