Yellowpages Scraper API

Why use Yellowpages scraper APIs

  • The top reason for extracting information in bulk from is for powering lead generation pipeline of your business. I mean inspite of a range of digital marketing tools and strategies, one of the most effective ways to generate new leads is still by cold calling a prospect on the phone and asking for a brief 15 minute appointment especially if you are trying to market a product specifically targeted at doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. all the people basically listed in a yellowpages. This same strategy is also used for other local businesses like restaurants, bars etc.

  • You can use yellowpages to enrich your existing database. For example, lets say that you already have a great landing page and have acquired lots of email addresses for your leads who happen to be people working in doctors offices. You can run a broad search using yellowpages API over all 40,000 zip codes and get physical address, phone numbers, website domains etc. Since you already have collected website domain since you have email addresses, you can use it as a joining key (foreign key in SQL lingo) and now you have enriched your database with phone numbers and addresses.

  • Yellowpages scraper API is used for the same use cases as the rest of the store locations API as a key data source in numerous machine learning models. During the Covid-19 pandemic, lot of media companies uses these APIs to check on the status of store/office closures in a particular zipcode by randomly calling the listed phone numbers and speaking with the owners/employees. Scraper API Pricing

Specrom Analytics’ scraper API let’s you extract search results in JSON format by simply specifying a search query and location.

Basic/Free Pro Ultra Custom
Pricing 50 calls free per month $10 for 2000 calls $50 for 15,000 calls Ask for a quote


{"search_terms": "restaurants", "location":"Atlanta, GA", "fetch_emails":"True", "csv":"True"}


  "csvfile_url": "",
  "details": [
      "address": "240 Peachtree St NW  Atlanta, GA 30303",
      "email": [
      "name": "Ray's In The City",
      "phone_number": "(404) 524-9224",
      "website_url": "",
      "yp_url": ""
  . . . (output truncated)

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