Google Scraper API

Why do you need Google Scraper API?

  • One of the fastest ways to get information about any keyword is by Googling it. How do you typically search for more information on a article author, get twitter, Facebook, Instagram handle for an influencer? or know more about a particular product or company name you read in a blog post or a news story? By Googling it, ofcourse!

    Google search result pages (SERP) composed of target urls, titles and text snippets are best ways to enrich any kind of data you already have and it can help you enrich data from our News API or Email database API. For example, you want more information about an email address you found in our email database; simply use it as a keyword and get persons personal page or a detailed profile on the employer website.

  • SERP scraping is frequently used to validate position of a particular webpage for a given query. Your Google Search Console will show you average position of a page for a given keyword if you are the owner of the website, but if you want to determine SERP ranking for a competitor page than one of the most direct ways to do it is by running the Google search yourself.

  • You can combine Google scraper API with our domain ranking and authority API to check for domain rankings of top webpages for a given keyword query. If the domain ranking and authority is similar to your own website than you can target that keyword by writing a relevant content and it should be poised to rank well on the search engine result pages. This is the fundamental mechanism by which most content and keyword recommendation tools operate although more advanced tools offered by Ahrefs, Moz etc. will combine it with an indepth backlinks analysis for better keyword targeting. At Specrom, we have not (yet) exposed a backlinks database but definitely let us know if you are interested in using it.

  • Google SERP scraper APIs are also used to view how Google results appear at a particular location. For example, if you are trying to do a local SEO on a client’s store in say Austin, TX than you can call the API for that particular location and get localized results. We do this magic by routing the request through a residential proxy connection in the city/country of your choice. As a default, the API returns results for East coast US Google search but if you are interested in getting results for a particular location, just drop us a line.

Google Scraper API Pricing

Specrom Analytics’ search SERP scraper API let’s you extract search results in JSON format by simply specifying a search query.

Basic/Free Pro Ultra Custom
Pricing 50 calls free per month $10 for 2000 calls $50 for 15,000 calls Ask for a quote


"covid-19 situation atlanta, GA"


    "position": 1,
    "snippet": "15th Floor ATLANTA, GA 30303. Driving Directions · Public Health Districts. Calendar icon. Monday to Friday, 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.. All in Eastern Time Zone ...\nCoronavirus (COVID-19) · New Cases of COVID-19 ... · COVID-19 Online Testing ...",
    "title": "COVID-19 Status Report | Georgia Department of Public Health",
    "url": ""
  . . . (output truncated)

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