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Specrom Analytics’ scraper API let’s you extract job postings in JSON format by simply specifying a search term and a city name or zip code.

You’ll have to generate an API key on the Algorithmia page but it’s free (no credit card required) and you get free credits equivalent to our basic tier. If you need more calls, simply purchase one of the higher tiers. In case you requirement exceeds our Ultra tier than please contact us to get volume discounts.

Basic/Free Pro Ultra Custom
Pricing 100 calls free per month $5 for 1000 calls $50 for 15,000 calls Ask for a quote

One of the distinguishing features of our plans is that there are no monthly charges and you only pay according to your usage.

Note: Glassdoor runs aggressive anti-scraping measures on their site which can prevent you from getting all the results if you place too many requests. Hence, we recommend that you use our or API if you only want to scrape job listings. If you want to scrape other portions of Glassdoor such as salaries, company reviews, interview questions etc. then contact us and we will send you a private API.

Demo Page with sample code in Java, JavaScript, PHP, R, Python:


{"location": "boston", "search_terms": "software developer"}


  "job_urls": [
  . . . (output truncated)
  "main": [
      "company": "Plymouth Rock Assurance",
      "company_rating": "3.5",
      "location": "Boston, MA",
      "salary": "$65K-$73K ",
      "search_position": 2,
      "snippet": "",
      "title": "Associate Software Developer",
      "total_jobs": "1,920",
      "url": ""
     . . . (output truncated)

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Home > Products and Services > Data extraction and web scraping APIs > Job Scraping APIs

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