Indeed Scraper API

Why do you need to scrape Indeed and other job listing portals?

  • There are numerous machine learning models out there that take as an input the number of available jobs for a particular keyword at a particular geographic location. This data directly feeds into the prediction model to determine salary growth and job openings for each sectors. Data such as this is vital for career suggestion wizards type websites.

  • In midst of pandemic, there is a special focus on evaluating the overall health of the economy by monitoring at most affected sectors such as travel and tourism, hospitality and dining, food and beverages etc. to see if there are new jobs being posted in that sector.

  • Hedge funds and quantitative traders have been paying special attention to number of jobs being posted by publicly listed companies as an indicator for their future stock price and P/E growth.

  • Our scraper APis are also used for semantic searching of jobs. The current way to search for jobs is a bit broken, you are expected to enter a keyword and manually go through a hundreds of job postings to shortlist appropriate job listing to apply. Its much better to upload your resume and let the system generate top keywords to search Indeed, Monster etc automatically. It will apply NLP algorithms on the job descriptions and returns only the most relevant jobs postings that match with applicants resume. This can be easily implemented by our combining our indeed scraper APIs with similar documents API. Semantic searching and scoring of resumes for each job description has been happening for a long time on the job posting side as part of applicant tracking system (ATS) such as greenhouse, workday etc. but its still new to do it on job applicant side.

  • We have other job listings scraper APIs such as monster scraper API and Glassdoor scraper API and frequently many users like to combine the results and deduplicate it for wide coverage.

  • Our Indeed Scraper API powers products used to detect fake job descriptions on the Internet. Fake jobs are frequently posted by scamsters in order to get personal information of job applicants which are used maliciously in by identity theft or for enriching illegally obtained information such as credit card numbers. Its been estimated that 3-5% of job postings depending on the geographical area as well as job titles are fake ones created mainly by scamsters. The data from our APIs help identity protection companies keep tabs on such fake postings.

Indeed Scraper API Pricing

Specrom Analytics’ scraper API & job posts feed let’s you extract job postings in JSON format by simply specifying a search term and a city name or zip code.


{"search_terms":"python programmer", "location":"Atlanta, GA", "page":"1"}


    "company_name": "Material Handling Systems Inc",
    "date": "2 days ago",
    "job_title": "Software Engineer II",
    "location": "Atlanta, GA",
    "salary": "\n$41 - $50 an hour",
    "summary": "Designs, develops, troubleshoots and debugs software programs for enhancements and new products.\nThis may include developing software and tools in support of…",
    "total_page_count": 338,
    "url": ""
  . . . (output truncated)

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