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What is Domain Ranking and Domain Authority?

There are over 100 million website domains out of the internet out of which majority are hosting either parked pages, spam, or questionable content such as adult sites or malware.

At Specrom Analytics, we have been crawling large parts of the internet (~200TB/month) for many years now, and since we are not Google (Duh!) we try to only crawl the useful portions of the internet that is directly useful to our customers and exclude visiting “spammy”, malicious, or outright harmful sites.

We also use domain ranks in our social listening tools to amplify a negative news story based on the domain ranking of where it was published. For example, a negative news story in New York Times is given a higher weightage compared to an equivalently negative story in OnlineAthens.com (a news outlet serving a city with 100,000 people).

We use metrics such as a modified pagerank and harmonic centrality algorithm to rank all the domains we have crawled, and later we normalize these domain rankings (DR) to calculate a 0-100 score to denote domain authority (DA).

We would hardly be the first people to calculate, DR and DA, heck, Google uses PageRank right from early 2000s to determine which webpage gets shown in the top spot for a given keyword query. For everything else being same including the content on the page; a webpage hosted on a domain with higher DR/DA will be ranked higher on search results.

Due to this, search engine optimization (SEO) professionals pay a particular attention to this metric, and SEO tool providers such as Alexa, Magestic, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush etc. all include their own flavor of DA/DR in their databases. However, those metrics are only available to you if you pay hundreds of dollars a month on their entire suite of SEO and content marketing products which you may not need at all.

Hence we decided to expose our own domain authority and ranking as a API so that you can get it in bulk at low cost to power your own products.

Typical Use Cases

Domain Ranking and Authority are typically used for:

  • Determining the intrinsic value of a domain address, necessary when trying to buy it from an expired domain auction.

  • As a surrogate measure for audience reach when trying to perform aggregate sentiments analysis on webpages/articles hosted on variety of domain addresses. Typically in cases like this, the raw sentiments score is usually multiplied by the domain authority to get a domain authority normalized effective sentiments score. When users get news articles using our News API and use it for their own sentiments analysis, typically, they also use our DA API to normalize the sentiments score returned by their models.

  • Trying to determine success of a recent digital marketing or SEO campaign by monitoring the DA to notice for any upticks for a given time duration.

  • Calculating influencer, blogger or author authority. for example, if a author routinely writes for high DA domain than their own authority goes up compared to a author, influencer or blogger writing for a low DA domain address.

  • You can check the ease of ranking in top ten search engine results for a particular query by looking at DAs of the domains of the existing search result. For example, if I am trying to ranking for machine learning than I should Google that keyword and check DA on all the top 10 results. If the DA of the top 10 results is near to the DA of my domain than I have a realistic chance of getting to that position if only I write a article which is relevant for that keyword. This approach is frequently taken by data analytics products for content marketers. You can run a similar analysis in a completely automated manner by combining our domain authority API with search engine scraping APIs like Bing Scraper API or Google Scraper API

  • This API is also powering a jobs aggregator that lets users filter open job positions based on company size and/or reputation. The motivation for this is simple: nowadays job boards are littered with thousands of postings by staffing and recruitment companies and users have to sieve through all that if they want to locate open jobs from top companies like Google, Facebook etc. A easy way to do this filtering is by linking job postings to company names and domains and than looking up DA for each of it using our API. You can replicate this by combining our Indeed scraper API to scrape all the listings for a given keyword at a given location, and than using company names as a keyword, initiating the Google Scraper API to get domain names which can be fed into the domain authority API. It will be hackish, and there are times when company name as keyword search may not return company domain, but it works well enough to get you an idea of how this works.

Specrom Domain Ranking and Authority API Pricing

Specrom Analytics’ Domain Ranking and Authority API let’s you query domain authority (0-100) and ranking for a domain address .

You’ll have to generate an API key on the Algorithmia page but it’s free (no credit card required) and you get free credits equivalent to our basic tier. If you need more calls, simply purchase one of the higher tiers. In case you requirement exceeds our Ultra tier than please contact us to get volume discounts.

Basic/Free Pro Ultra Custom
Pricing 100 calls free per month $15 for 1000 calls $150 for 15,000 calls Ask for a quote

One of the distinguishing features of our plans is that there are no monthly charges and you only pay according to your usage.

Demo Page with sample code in Java, JavaScript, PHP, R, Python: https://algorithmia.com/algorithms/specrom/Domain_Authority_and_Ranking




    "Domain": "facebook.com",
    "Domain_Authority": 96,
    "Domain_Ranking": 2,
    "num_hosts": "5079"
    "Domain": "apress.com",
    "Domain_Authority": 49,
    "Domain_Ranking": 11506,
    "num_hosts": "17"
    "Domain": "screamingfrog.co.uk",
    "Domain_Authority": 33,
    "Domain_Ranking": 222734,
    "num_hosts": "2"

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