Are you tired of your data extraction systems breaking and then hiring expensive maintenance engineers to fix them? Hire us instead !

Our Scrapers

✓ Have Residential and data center based Proxy IP rotation to prevent all kinds of bot blocking mechanisms.
✓ Have Full support for CAPTCHA solving.
✓ Can extract data from sites that requires authentication.
✓ Work with JavaScript enabled sites.
We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and if you are not satisfied with our service for any reason than we will issue a refund without any terms or conditions.

Pricing starts at $99 for popular websites such as

How it works

Step 1: You fill out this form describing your requirements Just write up whatever data you have on your request - at least the website name, fields to extract, and desired output format.

Step 2: We send you an estimate and you get 1 hour of free consulting with our experts to go over it.

Step 3: Using our in-house engine we extract the data you get the output as a CSV or Excel file. We will deliver within 48h for up to 10k records.

Web Scraping for Lead generation and Marketing

Get high quality leads by scraping business directories such as yelp, yellowpages etc.

Web Scraping for Social Listening, Brand Monitoring and Opinion mining and Competitor Research

Monitor customer reviews on Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. and social media posts across Twitter, Reddit, news and blogs

Web Scraping for Ecommerce Price Monitoring

Monitor product prices across ecommerce platforms by simply using UPC, ASINs, or proprietary product codes such as Walmart usItemID

Web Scraping for News Monitoring, PR and Content Marketing

Power your PR strategy by finding journalists and influencer who write in your niche and directly communicate with them by scraping their contact details

Web Scraping for SEO

Audit your entire site by crawling through it and identify SEO errors and check how well your content is performing by using our proprietary domain ranking, analysis and backlink checker

Why you should hire us over our competitors?

(1) Our quote and quality of work is very comparable to self service, low to no coding, do it yourself (DIY), web scraping platforms such as, etc.

So why spend hundreds of dollars only to waste time and energy in downloading an application to your computer, learning it and babysitting it for hours to ensure that the scraper is not only correctly scraping first 100-200 pages but also the 10,001th page.

Instead you can simply hire us and we not only manage the entire process of web data extraction from start to finish, and directly get the data in CSV/Excel format at prices comparable to DIY platforms for over 80% of our clients!

Most common web scrapers ordered by customers

✓ Social Media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook pages, Youtube, Instagram pages, Google play store, Google chrome web store
✓ Search engine result pages from Bing, Google etc.
✓ News and blog sites such as,, and thousands more News sites.
✓ Ecommerce sites such as,, etc.
✓ Local business directories such as,,
✓ Travel and real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Tripadvisor,

(2) We are better than freelancers on Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

You can probably find hundreds of freelancers on all major platforms offering web scraping services. The major reason why customers are choosing us over them is the consistency and quality of our services.

All of our consultants are experts in web scraping and crawling at scale. Our cofounder and Principal Data Scientist, Jay M. Patel, has also published a bestselling book with Apress (Springer Imprint) called “Getting Structured Data from the Internet Running Web Crawlers/Scrapers on a Big Data Production Scale” (2020).

(3) We are a full scale data analytics company unlike other web scraping as a service based companies.

Web scraping is just the first step of what we do; we are a dedicated natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning/AI firm. We use human curated, AI powered web extraction workflows.

We have off the shelf, state of the art, AI models for common tasks such as

✓ sentiments analysis, ✓ text classification, ✓ text clustering, ✓ topic modeling, ✓ named entity recognition (NER), ✓ semantic searching, ✓ document similarity analysis, ✓ keywords/keyphrase extraction etc. We can perform common visualizations such as ✓ word clouds, ✓ bar plots, ✓ pie charts, ✓ line plots etc.

So we can deliver an integrated service combining the raw web scraped data, data analytics and visualization.