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CSV Exporter with Interactive Data Dashboard

Twitter Bio Scraper

Search Twitter Bios and export matching twitter users and over 10 data fields containing profile info as a CSV file.

Extract Twitter User Followers

Scrape Twitter user's followers (max 10k) and export it as a CSV file.

Twitter Profile Scraper

Twitter Profile Scraper Tool exports a CSV file containing Twitter profile info using Twitter profile URL as input.

Extract Twitter User Following

Scrape Twitter user's following (max 10k) and export it as a CSV file.

CSV Exporter Only (Interactive Data Dashboard Coming Soon!)

Tweets Scraper

Tweets scraper tool fetches latest tweets (700-800) from an user's timeline as a CSV file.

Twitter Hashtag Tracker

Track Twitter Hashtags and keyword tool emails a CSV file once a day containing tweets that match keywords, hashtags or URL (max 2).

Search Tweets by keyword

Search Tweets by keyword tool exports a CSV file with tweets matching the keyword along with twitter user data.

Our competitors like Apify, Scrapehero, Zyte, Octoparse, Scrapestorm, Brandmentions, Trackmyhashtag, Stevesie etc. charge $30/month or more for Twitter scraping.

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