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Fetching recent tweets on a keyword, url or hashtag automatically once a day can be a great social listening tool.

Wouldn't it be great to have an affordable way to create Twitter hashtag tracker and get recent tweets as CSV in two clicks?

Look no further!

Our Track Twitter Hashtags Tool exports a CSV file once a day for two keywords with no coding or setup necessary

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Track Twitter Hashtags Features

✓ No Twitter login details required. All data obtained from public facing webpages.

✓ Everything runs on our cloud servers so there is no question of your IP address being banned by Twitter.

✓ Use this tool to find the right Twitter influencers, discover the target audience, or find people to follow.

❌ Stop paying for stale information from databases

Our tool will scrape data from live Twitter site, and not from some stale database that was updated days or months ago.

Our Twitter Hashtag Tracker is most value for money!

Our competitors like brandmentions, trackmyhashtag etc. charge $30/month or more for tracking hashtags on Twitter.

Why pay such ridiculously high price when you can get the same data with us for only $8/month (aka $99/year)!!

So what are you waiting for?

Try our Twitter Hashtag Tracker Tool now for absolutely free! (no sign up or credit card required)

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And the best part is that you also get access to these amazing other Twitter Scraper tools, all for a low price of $99/year!!!

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