Google SERP Scraper Tool

✓ A no frills, easy to use, affordable, Google search engine results pages (SERPs) scraper tool to extract organic links, descriptions and title from multiple pages at once

Our tool automatically paginates through Google SERPs and extracts an average of 90-100 results per keyword query.

✓ Get Alexa domain rank and a domain authority (DA) value (0-1) for all rows.

✓ Our tool will email the CSV file to you once it finishes data extraction.

✓ Test our starter plan for free to try our tool for yourself.

✓ Upgrade to yearly plans for an affordable pricing of $99/year for enterprise plan.

✓ Perfect for digital marketing agencies & professionals, freelancers and others who want to whitelabel and use the data in their workflows.

Table 1: Table created out of the exported CSV file for search term “digital marketing”.

Use Cases

Find Top Keywords from Competitor Sites

Are you trying to perform on-page SEO and need ideas on specific keywords to put in title and description meta tags? Use our tool to see what kind of text is currently ranking in SERP results.

SEO Rank Tracking

Do you want to keep track of how well your content is ranking as compared to your competitors? One of the easiest ways to do it is by using our SERP Scraper Tool.

Are you trying to get all the web pages from a specific website domain for a keyword? For example, Do you want to get results from about the keyword coffee? use the search query shown below. coffee

Content Aggregation

One of the fastest ways to aggregate all the relevant content is by scraping results from Google search for a particular keyphrase. Our tool will supercharge your content aggregation efforts.

Lead Generation and Email Address Extraction

Are you trying to generate leads and extract email addresses? You can use our SERP scraper tool to extract SERP results and you can extract email addresses from the URLs that seem interesting using our email scraper tool

Great for Journalists and Content Creators

Are you trying to do research for a story or a content you are creating? Our SERP scraper tool can help you do market research much quickly.

Building Custom Audiences for Google Display Network Ad Campaigns

One of the most effective ways to build a custom audience for Google Display network ads is entering a list of URLs that your ideal customer might visit. You can figure that out manually by doing bunch of Google searches or supercharge it and let our SERP scraper Tool do the job for you.

✓ We have thousands of satisfied customers varying from freelancers, digital marketing agencies, small businesses to fortune 500 companies.

✓ Some of our customers


✓ We handle reCAPTCHA, Proxy IP rotation etc. so that you get the best results and get the same data as what humans see.

✓ Only successful requests count towards your quota.

✓ All major Google advanced search queries supported.

✓ Everything runs on our cloud servers so there is no question of your IP address being banned by Google as is the case with desktop based scrapers offered by competitors.

❌ Stop paying for stale information from databases

Our tool will scrape data from live Google site, and not from some stale database that was updated days or months ago.



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    • Google SERP scraper & CSV exporter tool
    • Maximum 200,000 aggregate rows of CSV file exported per month
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    • Data retention for 30 days
    • Personal relationship manager with email and chat support available
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