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Instagram Profile Scraper

Our Instagram Profile Scraper Tool exports a CSV file using Instagram profile URL as input (max 1000 per request).

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Instagram Bio Scraper

Our Instagram bio scraper tool searches Instagram Bios for by entering a keyword and export matching Instagram user data as a CSV file

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Instagram Recent Posts Scraper

Our Instagram recent posts scraper will export a CSV file with 12 recent posts of a user (1000 users/request).

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Scrape Contact Info (only with Enterprise plans)

Scrape email addresses, phone numbers,business categories and contact addresses using Instagram Business Profile Scraper Tool

Instagram has a category of accounts called Instagram business accounts that is very popular among influencers and creators.

There is no charge to convert your regular account into Instagram business account, so its usage have jumped from around 25 million accounts in 2017 to over 200 million such accounts now.

These Instagram profiles have contact button visible when accessed from Instagram app (the desktop profile page seems same as normal account).

You get even more data that is perfect for marketing and lead generation. You can get city, phone number, email address etc.

Data Fields using our regular instagram profile scraper

‘i_author_name’: ‘Doc Real Estate, Inc’,
‘i_bio’: ‘Doc Real Estate, Inc is driven to finding professional business individuals their dream commercial/residential space.\n📍Indiana | Central’,
‘i_followers’: 352,
‘i_following’: 481,
‘i_no_of_posts’: 260,
‘i_profile_picture’: some_url
‘i_verified’: False,

Additional data Fields using our business instagram profile scraper

‘is_business’: True,
‘business_category’: ‘Real Estate Agent’,
‘address_street’: ‘530 US 31 South’,
‘business_contact_method’: ‘CALL’,
‘city_name’: ‘Greenwood, Indiana’,
‘public_email’: ‘’,
‘public_phone_country_code’: ‘1’,
‘public_phone_number’: ‘3179080531’,
‘zip’: ‘46142’
‘id’: ‘14831901851’,
‘instagram_location_id’: ‘1712559235731426’,

Data Visualization Dashboard

✓ Visualize the extracted data in an interactive dashboard with inbuilt data analytics and CSV export. Click below to see our dashboard

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✓Our tool will notify you via email once it finishes data extraction.

Optional add-ons and premium scraping tiers:

Once you are subscribed to our base plans, you have access to all these optional adds-ons where you will only pay for what you need. Prices for common add-ons such as followers starts at $39 for 10,000 rows with significant volume discounts available.

(1) Scrape Instagram Followers

(2) Scrape hashtag feeds

(3) Scrape posts, stories, reels

(4) Scrape Instagram Followings

(5) Feeds by location

(6) Scrape posts likers and commenters

(7) Optional Data Enrichment add-ons

Demographics: We get the user’s age and gender using an AI model that uses user’s profile picture as input. It will first detect if there is a person in the picture or not and if there is a person in the pic, than it runs the gender and age aspect of it.

Language: We detect language based on text in Instagram bio or from sample of posts by the user.

Location: We geo-encode the location mentioned in the user’s profile (only Instagram business accounts) so that you can analyze the number of users in country/city/state and get an interactive plot.

Topic categories: We can categorize text into any of 360 categories (this one is cheap & fast but less accurate) or 620 categories. There are three popular places where we get the input text: (1) using text directly present in Instagram bios.(2) Using the full text (after boilerplate removal) from the external URL mentioned in Instagram bio (3) Taking a sample of posts and running it through the model. Note: Instagram business accounts already has a pretty accurate category listing; so this add on is mostly useful for regular accounts to get the same level of categories.

See what URLs users are posting: here we take the URLs shared on Instagram and run topic categories on shared URLs to give you an in depth look at what content users are sharing.

Email crawling: We take the external URL shared in Instagram bios and crawl that to find all the email addresses.

Sentiments analysis: Predict sentiments of the user posts on a scale to 0-1.

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