Instagram Profile Scraper

Instagram profile data like bio, follower count, number of posts etc. is a treasure trove of data.

Instagram profile scraper tools take in a list of Instagram profile URLs and export all the profile info as CSV in two clicks

How to find Contact Info (email/phone numbers)?

Instagram has a category of accounts called Instagram business accounts that is very popular among influencers and creators.

There is no charge to convert your regular account into Instagram business account, so its usage have jumped from around 25 million accounts in 2017 to over 200 million such accounts now.

These Instagram profiles have contact button visible when accessed from Instagram app (the desktop profile page seems same as normal account).

You get even more data that is perfect for marketing and lead generation. You can get city, phone number, email address etc.

Data Fields using regular instagram profile scraper

‘i_author_name’: ‘Doc Real Estate, Inc’,
‘i_bio’: ‘Doc Real Estate, Inc is driven to finding professional business individuals their dream commercial/residential space.\n📍Indiana | Central’,
‘i_followers’: 352,
‘i_following’: 481,
‘i_no_of_posts’: 260,
‘i_profile_picture’: some_url
‘i_verified’: False,

Additional data Fields using business instagram profile scraper

‘is_business’: True,
‘business_category’: ‘Real Estate Agent’,
‘address_street’: ‘530 US 31 South’,
‘business_contact_method’: ‘CALL’,
‘city_name’: ‘Greenwood, Indiana’,
‘public_email’: ‘’,
‘public_phone_country_code’: ‘1’,
‘public_phone_number’: ‘3179080531’,
‘zip’: ‘46142’
‘id’: ‘14831901851’,
‘instagram_location_id’: ‘1712559235731426’,

Drawbacks of scraping Instagram?

No advanced targeting possible

There is no way to filter users by follower count, category, geographical location etc.

No publicly accessible pages

Instagram now requires you to login to view any profile. Hence, scraping it now means that you have to do browser automation to login before scraping it. This means that you run risk of banning your account.

No keyword & negative keyword based search

Instagram has a terrible keyword search on bios and definitely no way to exclude profiles using a negative search.

So, whats the alternative?...

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