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Specrom Text Analytics API

We have a wide range of cloud based text analytics APIs which you can use as a backend in your workflows.

APIs are available for all the typical text analytics tasks such as language detection, keywords generation, name entity recognition (NER), text summarization, semantic similarity between two documents, and sentence and document level sentiments analysis.

We also have some pretrained classifiers to predict labels for abusive content, gender etc.

We work closely with our clients to train classifiers and NER for their own domain need and we do labeling of data ourselves for maximum accuracy.

Please Contact us now to get free access to our API keys.


Basic Pro Ultra Custom
Units* 5000/month 100,000/month 300,000/month 0 - unlimited
Monthly Cost Free $49 $99 Contact us
language detection Y Y Y Y
keywords generation Y Y Y Y
Text summarization Y Y Y Y
Sentiment analysis models 1 2 4 Ask for a quote
Semantic similarity N Y Y Y
Topic Modeling N Y Y Y
Name Entity recognition (NERs) N Y Y Y
No. of Pretrained classifiers N 4 4 4
Custom Classifiers N N 4 Ask for a quote
Custom NERs N N 2 Ask for a quote

*1 unit equals 1 cpu second
**Free tier available for plans directly with as well as through our Algorithmia marketplace page

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Specrom Text Analytics Platform

Specrom Text Analytics Platform is an downloadable, on premises (on-prem) version which contains the same models powering our APIs.

  • This is perfect for businesses with sensitive data who wants to avoid making calls to third party servers.

  • This is also perfect for small businesses who likes the flexibility of running the analysis own their own computers.

  • Specrom Text Analytics Platform comes with a lifetime license and one year of email/phone support.

License Cost

Units Lifetime Licence Cost
Pro 5 - unlimited Contact us

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Data Analytics Consulting Services

Why you should hire us?

We offer full range of services in data science and analytics using state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. All our data scientists have M.S. and phD degrees from top American universities and have published in top journals and conferences. We are proud to have worked with wide range of clients, from small businesses to fortune 500 and US federal agencies. Contact us now for an no obligation free consulation with our expert data scientists.

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Some of our services are listed below:

Evaluating off the shelf analytics products:

In last 3-4 years, there has been an explosion of cloud based machine learning powered APIs for image and text analysis (over 30 providers) as well as pretrained/default models such as apart from traditional desktop products such as KNIME, RapidMiner, SPSS etc.

All of these were trained on different types of datasets, and some may work quite well for your needs. Instead of letting your in-house team identify the best one by trial and error and spending both time and money, rely on our experience and let us help you find the best option quickly.

We can help you scope your requirements and based on your end use, we can quantitavely identify the best off the shelf products within your set budget. Even though we also sell text analytics APIs, in case our competitor APIs work better in your case than we will not hesitate to reccomend it.

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Data Annotation and Model Development:

Publicly available text analytics and image recognition AI models are usually trained on corpuses such as wikipedia, news articles etc. and will have very high predictive ability only if that data is somewhat similar to what you use in your business area.

Quite frequently, documents from domain areas such as finance, law, healthcare and pharma industry perform poorly on pretrained models. This could be quickly fixed by hiring us to label/annotate a dataset representative of your use case. We will use it to custom models using state of the art approaches and integrate that with Specrom Text Analytics Platform.

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Data Analytics Integrations:

Advanced machine learning models are useless if not itegrated tightly with your business’s existing workflow. We have worked on wide type of integrations such as:

  • Analyze any text data stored in columns in microsoft excel, libreoffice and google sheets.
  • Integrating with apps such as dropbox and slack through zapier so that whenever a team member of our client uploaded into a dropbox, it triggered our text analytics APIs and results were pushed to a dedicated slack channel.
  • Integrating our APIs into Elastic or within data processing pipelines in Knime.

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