We sell cloud based Data Extraction and Web Scraping APIs, News and Data APIs for social Listening and media Monitoring, and Specrom Text Analytics API that contains advanced pretrained models for typical text analytics tasks such as language detection, keywords generation, name entity recognition (NER), text summarization, semantic similarity between two documents, and sentence and document level sentiments analysis.

Specrom Alerts for Social Listening and Media Monitoring

Our AI backed advanced alerts are used for social media monitoring, coverage analysis and brand reputation to gain actionable insights for digital marketing strategies and improving marketing effectiveness

Business Analytics and Process Improvement

Does you business generates mountains of unstructured data (.doc, .pdf) which is not being loaded into a database? Hire us to create pipelines to use our text analytics algorithms to generate actionable insights from them.

Specrom Lead Generation Database

Get high quality leads for your business using our lead generation database

Specrom Text Analytics API

Our cloud based text analytics API allows you to use our advanced algorithms on your own data for language detection, topic classification, name entity recognition (NER), sentiments analysis etc.


We also offer full range of services such as data annotation and AI model development, integrating our AI models with with your business’s existing workflow such as Microsoft Excel, Google sheets, Elastic/ELK stack or other data dashboards. Our data scientists have M.S. and PhD degrees from reputed American universities and have published in top journals and conferences. We are proud to have worked with wide range of clients, from small businesses to fortune 500 companies and US federal agencies.

Blogs, Tutorials and Documentation

Check out our blogs posts and tutorials to learn more about how to use our APIs to analyze various types of text analysis.